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Mission Color

Mission color is a game designed to be simple, fun and fast-paced with an objective of challenging your ability of how long you can stay focused.

Mission color is based on the idea that people react immediately to what they see instead of reading it out properly. A color is presented to you and you need to tap on a block with same color. But the challenge is the text of color is written in different color. You have to stay focused and read the color name, then select the respective color from the grid. Time is limited and moving fast. You need to stay concentrated.

You lose your focus, you lose the game.
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Mission Color comes with 3 modes :
  • Classic
  • Timed
  • Challenger
In Classic mode, you need to tap on color block same as the color written in text above. It starts with a time limit of 3 seconds but soon time limit decreases to 1 second. You need to tap on right color as fast as possible.

In Timed mode, time limit is given as 10 seconds, but for each correct tap, you get a bonus of 0.5 seconds.

Challenger mode is the most difficult mode. Here instead of 2x2, a grid of 3x3 is present. And time limit is only 1 second for each turn. You got to stay focused and tap on right color as fast possible.


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