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12 new games added

12 new games have been added to GameKaiser 1. Cake Stall Satisfy the customers requests by providing the type of cakes ordered by them. Everyone is waiting for Christmas day celebrations, so fulfill their requirements as soon as possible. Play now 2. Easter Esther Dress up the Easter Esther with your favorite costumes. Play now 3. Emma Roberts Makeup The beautiful face of Charlize Theron is behind these boxes. Do you know this? Charlize Theron is not only an actress, but also a successful film producer and an Academy Award winner. Play now 4. Find and Use Find the objects that are been hidden in three different locations.Some of the objects are inventory items. Once you find those objects, use them to find the remaining objects. Play now 5. Gina's Golf Gateway It's time to enjoy a fun golf getaway.  Pick your favorite golfing outfit, golf clubs, and accessories to match.  Careful not to hit the sand trap! Play now 6. Hidden Objects in Gibson House Find out the

New game added : The scrufs

Play here

New Game Added

A new game has been added It's name is BRU Play here

Brand new GameKaiser

GameKaiser has been updated once again. This time it is re-programmed and also the theme is redesigned. This time it also include some jquery effects. And soon several games are going to be uploaded. GameKaiser will now be hosted at