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Game kaiser modified

The has been modified. The website now has a black orange theme which makes it look different from other gaming sites. The new website has a new feature which is that whenever you bring your mouse on any game icon you will get all the information regarding the game. Also the placement of advertisements has been changed to attract more people to hit the advertisements. The games have been categories in different categories such as action, arcade, puzzle, racing, shooting, sports, kids and funny. But still there are some games which are not categorized. But soon they will be. The website is showing a strange error some background images are not visible though were successfully updated several times. The author/developer (me) is thinking to change the host server.
The people are requested to give the website a try.


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The Island

After my 1st HTML5 game `Fly Or Fly Not`( ) here comes my 2nd  game `The Island`. The Game has been built using Scirra's Construct 2 HTML5 game maker. The Game is set on an Island, where I man has been trapped and now he has to escape the island. Use Up key to jump and Left and Right keys to move left and right. Play the game on facebook here Or, Play on Scirra Arcade  Or, Play on TapJs Stats on Scirra Arcade ScreenShots:

Fly or Fly Not

gameKaiser is proud to launch its very first HTML5 game on TapJs and Facebook. The game is named as 'Fly or Fly Not'. It is based on the classic Indian game 'Chidiya Udd'. Play it on TapJs : or, Play it on Facebook Screenshots:

gameKaiser is about gaming

As discussed in the previous post, gameKaiser started as gaming portal. gameKaiser was dedicated to nothing but gaming. Although I have used gameKaiser to publish my hobbyistic games, gameKaiser will continue to be dedicated to games only. If a game is good no matter who made it should be discussed. Maybe it is the right time to call it gameKaiser 2.0. At gameKaiser, we are going to cover game news, reviews and discuss everything about gaming. gameKaiser will still be used to publish my games. One is already on its way. In future, if things work out, gameKaiser will be open to publishing games developed by other game developers also. Meanwhile, gameKaiser will be covering everything about gaming. As an independent game developer, I have realized how difficult it is to take your game to as many people as possible. It is always a struggle for games on a budget. I wish to help out such game developers. Through this blog, we are going to talk about lots of indie games. I am excited t